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Upcoming Activities

Lighthouse Café

A 90 minute exchange from various perspectives.

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The Culture Wars

Tug of war between H1 and H3 ?   Or fabricated outrage by the purveyors of commercial media ?  Some things transform the world, others sell books.

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The Space that Matters

Redundancy , resilience, that extra part that seems inefficient is actually more important than you think.


H3Lab is an occasional guided exploration of the intelligence of the body and beyond : hosted online by H3Uni


The H3Lab is a new venture under construction summer 2021.

Previous Activities

Lighthouse Cafe



The Culture Wars

Tug of war between H1 and H3 ?   Or fabricated outrage by the purveyors of commercial media ?  Some things transform the world, others sell books



Synchronicity.  Throw the spills in the air.   Spill the tea on the chair.  Drill a hole in a rock on Mars to see what’s in there.  What is Synchronicty and what’s happening right now?


Why stay safe when you can risk it all ?   Lose friends and acquaintances by talking about religion !
But not in the Lighthouse … all topics are fit for discussion and no relationship is at ris

Variety III

Back for more Variety, we are taking a 3rd look at this topic, this time from a somewhat less intellectual standpoint : what does vareity feel like, and how might it contribute to spiritual or artistic aspirations?

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Back by popular demand, it’s Variety II (and Requisite Variety)




Variety and Requisite Variety

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What does heart mean to you?  Do we have a common sense of heart?  How exposed are we to what heart can signify.   Heart the organ, heart the emoticon, heart the herald angles sign … investigations of a different grammar



What is safety?  What is safe?  How much safety is too much?  Could this be an 80/20 paradigm?



What is the common factor, what are the commons?  How do manage that which is commonly held ?



What is it to be a citizen, and may we choose our citizenship?
Can there be a citizen of the 3rd horizon?

The Three Horizons

The future present in the prensent, what is the 3rd horizon?


Observation : “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” –Jiddu Krishnamurti


Value, as opposed to fact, but also depending on it, or is it the other way around ?


What is Emergence?   Is this an Emergency ?


Music of the spheres, music as the food of love, dancing in the streets.  What is this music of which you speak


Creativity : “Creativity is part of human nature, it can only be untaught.” –Ai Weiwei


If we don’t even know what time is then what can synchronic mean ?    Just saying … Who knows ?  “Coincidence in your life is the inability to see what really matters”  — Stafford Beer.    Perhaps it is via synchronicity that we can see our lack of understanding of time ?


Maturarana and Varela’s  coining of the term “autopoiesis” in 1980 is still echoing on  and we would welcome especially folks who have some personal stories to share … as is the nature of Autopoiesis.



It’s the easiest thing to ignore, but the most important thing to remember … Ecology.   We’ll take the opportunity during this café to talk about Dr. Tony Hodgson’s Cosmic Ecology, which will be presented later in the year in fuller form.


 What is Authority and where does it come from?   Who is an authority on what ?  Join us for this café and with all the wisdom we can bring to bear,  let us question “authority” together !


What loaded word is this? The feeling of a presence in an otherwise empty room, is one thing … the recognition of presence when in a tight spot, another. There / Not There … can it be as simple as that? Who will be present at the café on Presence … signing up, sitting down and logging on might no be enough.

What else is needed for presence ?



When different patterns meet they blend.  What is the result of the blending of patterns ?
Harmony considers the combination of patterns and the emergence of a subsequent pattern greater than the sum of its parts.  Or does it?







**Note date change**




What does pattern mean and entail?  Is it as simple as repetition?  Patterns can be a support, but they can also be a prison. Four blokes walking across a zebra crossing is not the same as four blokes dressed as zebra crossings doing hard time.





Showing up















Wednesday 23 May,  2018

What is needed for resilience in a world that grows ever more networked and yet more brittle, divided and unpredictable? Join us to explore this third horizon topic.


What is Sacred ?



November 21, 2017

Anger: Its uses and pitfalls.



September 19, 2017


March 28, 2017




Exploring gender

Kaja Kippenberg will lead this exploration of gender through indigenous perspectives


A talk by a leading researcher in the chosen topic followed by discussion facilitated by Dr Anthony Hodgson.

Access is by invitation (

Currently there are no Colloquia scheduled, but check out the Course Calendar and see below for past topics

The Delta Project with Cole Williams and Joel Van Kuiken

Wednesday  March 24, 2021

How to become something you can’t see?

This date is tentative, we hope to have a presentation of the Delta Project

Session XIX

H3Uni Collegium : Dialogic Design and Effective Decision Making with Peter Jones

Tuesday  April 7, 7:30 pm Uk time
Peter has over 20 years of experience in designing complex systems and information products, and has worked in the forefront of interaction design and user experience across commercial, government, and academic sectors. Peter manages The Redesign Network, an innovation research firm originally based in the US, coordinating ethnographic and design research and service/system design for complex challenges.

‘My talk and discussion will be based on my Contexts of Cocreation article in the Springer series last year. We’re using the evolved Christakis dialogic design process in teaching and engagement illustrated by our recent work with students on the Özbekhan Predicament of Mankind from the Club of Rome exercise.’




Session XVIII

H3Uni Collegium :  Thinking Positive Futures in a Dystopic World with Alfonso Montuori

Tuesday March 10th, 7:30 pm Uk time
Alfonso Montuori  s Professor of Transformative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. His topic is subtitled : addressing the role of creativity in overcoming the psychological blocks to transforming in a degrading world situation.



Session XVII

H3Uni Collegium : Future Digital Technology – Master or Servant?  with Peter Kawalek

H3Uni ColloquiumTuesday February 4th 7:30 pm UK time

Peter Kawalek is Professor of Information Management and Director of the Centre for Information Management at Loughborough University



Session XVI

A Search for New Perspectives : Third Horizon Thinking with Anthony Hodgson

H3Uni ColloquiumTuesday January  7th 7:30 pm UK time

Anthony Hodgson will share some of the key thoughts and their implications for transformation practice in his new book Systems Thinking for a Turbulent World which is just published by Routledge as part of a new series on systems thinking.


Session XV

Community Foodgrowing – Three Horizons in Dundee

Tuesday 10th December, 2019

Ness Wright – Senior Service Designer, Snook

Session XIV


Tuesday 5th November, 2019

Prof Bruce Goldstein, University of Colorado

Session XIII


Tuesday 15th October,, 2019

ProF. Oğuz Babüroğlu – Sabaci University, Istanbul

Session XII


Tuesday 3rd September, 2019

Dr. Anthony Hodgson and Prof. Bill Sharpe – H3Uni

Session XI


Tuesday 4th June, 2019

Prof Michael Grenfell

Michael is Emeritus Professor at the Southampton Education School. He is also Chair of Education at Trinity College, University of Dublin and head of School at Stirling University. He is a specialist in the theory of practice of the French social theorist Pierre Bourdieu





Session X


Tuesday 7th May, 2019

Daniel Wahl

Daniel will be talking immediately after a tour of Brazil where he is carrying out talks, workshops and book-launches.





Session IX


Tuesday 2nd April

Helene Finidori

Patterns, semiosis and the evolution of consciousness.   Helene is currently research a Ph.D. on the relationship between pattern language and systems thinking at the Centre for Systems Studies, Hull University


Session VIII


Tuesday 12th March, 2019

Marilyn Hamilton

Beyond smart, beyond resilient, beyond complexity –

“I propose to explore the case for the evolution of cities, not as a bane on the Earth, but as a necessary stage of maturing capacity of Gaia’s living system. I would offer the evidence from science, practice and thought experiments, from my Integral City Book Series, Reframing Complex Challenges for Gaia’s Human Hives (2018), Inquiry and Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive (2017) and Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive (English 2008, Russian 2014).”

Marylin is currently resident in Findhorn, Scotland.



Session VII

Foresight and the Seven Dimensions of Experience

Tuesday  5 February, 2019

Dr. Anthony Hodgson

Shortly to be published in World Futures: The Journal of New Paradigm Research. The paper builds on the multidimensional ideas of J.G. Bennett relating them to three levels of our experience – the physical, the biological and the psychological




Session VI

Pattern Dynamics

Tuesday  8 January, 2018

Bill Sharpe


Session V

Analogies and Distinctions: Mapping Social System Identity

Tuesday 4 December, 2018

Howard Silverman


Session IV


Tuesday 6 November, 2018

Tom Flannagan

Session III

SDG Transformations

Tuesday 9 October, 2018

Steve Waddel



Session II


Tuesday 4 September, 2018

Dr Anthony Hodgson



Session I

Knowledge for the 21st Century

July 10 2018

Professor Alfonso Montuori invites us to a discussion of his current thinking on Knowledge for the 21st Century which is also a new programme he is to teach  at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Alfonso`s study of social creativity is very relevant to the aspirations of H3Uni. We hope to further our thinking about future education through this dialogue.


Special Hosting

During the period of the various lockdowns due to the spread of coronavirus, H3Uni provided support to the writers community in Paris, and worldwide.  The weekly Spoken Word open mic became “Spoken World” and had upwards of 30 people per session.   The evening continues, see the SWP website for the more details.  H3Uni was pleased to support this initiative during the lockdown.


Cafe Extra

The Café Extra  invites a speaker to introduce a topic that they care about, for visitors then to consider together in dialogue. A richer mix of well informed ideas to stimulate discussion, collaborative reflection and shared perception. 

Anger with Kerri Brock

July 11th  2018

How can the potentially wild and dangerous emotion of anger be better understood? What evolutionary purposes does anger serve, and how might these benefit a third horizon enterprise?   A necessary conversation to open fresh insights.

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Transcending Professionalism with Ian Wight

Wednesday 6th June

How should learning evolve to sustain professionals in times of accelerating change? Will professionalism prove to be an asset or a straightjacket? It is timely to consider the vital role that responsible professionals play in creating change.

Decision Making in the Third Horizon

December 12 2017

What does decision making look like as we work towards a worthwhile future for all?

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The BlockChain

October 17, 2017

How can this be used to generate not just new currencies and ways of exchanging value, but also new forms of organisation?