About H3Uni:
a University for the Third Horizon

Modern Dilemma

Looking around the world today, it is clear that we need to find new ways of responding to the complex interconnected challenges that we are facing including population, food security, the economy, water, energy, disease and species extinction. These challenges are compounded by the need both to maintain essential services that support society, while making well informed rapid changes leading us to a viable one planet future. It is between these two dilemma horns that The University of the Third Horizon – H3Uni – operates.

Transforming to a one-planet paradigm needs creative ways of learning, thinking and doing; an educational approach that supports people, communities, and organizations to co-create a viable future.

H3Uni is an adventure into new ways of co-creating a new pattern of living that takes into account complexity, interconnectedness and emergence. Designed to enable and encourage a global network of people and organisations, with the common goal of co-creating a viable future for all, the curriculum, learning methods and underpinning psychology have these goals in mind.


H3Uni is designed for:

  • Know-how, rather than just knowledge
  • Foresight in anticipating and assessing challenges
  • The capacity to navigate uncertainty and complexity


To recognize and understand the problems of the world, we need a reform in thinking. It is the fundamental question for education.”

Edgar Morin, UNESCO, Seven complex lessons in education for the future

Seeing in Three Horizons

In the H3Uni curriculum, learning to see in 3 horizons helps us keep in mind the needed paradigm shift supported by methods and skills for: Resolving horizon dilemmas; Designing resilient systems;  Facilitating cognitive intelligence; Gaming global challenges; Organizing social enterprises; Agile and creative thinking, and; Seeing and being a new future.

Relevant Learning

H3Uni will not concentrate on conventional courses but rather reverse the educational value chain and create a modular on-demand dynamically evolving curriculum. It is specifically designed to anticipate and quickly identify new needs and to adapt and innovate its curriculum.


H3Uni’s on demand just-in-time learning modules help students understand how to:

  • Navigate in complex, uncertain times whilst maintaining the essential services that provide us all with security
  • Work collectively to transform existing systems so that they will meet our changing collective needs
  • Think critically and systemically
  • Evolve our common capacities, tools and frameworks
  • Gain benefits from diversity (age, values, perspectives, experience, culture, needs)
  • Identify the systemic risks and opportunities in any situation


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