Wheel of Wisdom

New course starting 6th April 2021

An online course where David Adams will guide you to clarify a personal quest for living through the Wheel of Wisdom process.

About this Event

“We are not what we know, but what we are willing to learn” – Mary Catherine Bateson.

The Wheel of Wisdom draws on indigenous practice to engage people’s vision, understanding and vitality. It brings all voices to the process of choosing wise action. This adds range and depth to collaborative capacity for needed participative repatterning: key to creating a worthwhile future.

H3Uni invites you to bring your appetite for learning and discovery to experience with others the eight archetypal voices – Roles of Leadership – of the Wheel. Insights that have for centuries given agency to humans for living well and productively with our Earth, as well as with one another.

In this online course you will bring your personal quest for living, to engage with the Wheel. You will experience the specific questioning that each Role brings to your journey. You will be able to share insights and revelations as you choose through dialogue in the learning space.

As we deepen our understanding of ourselves, so we enlarge our understanding of one another. This grows our capacity for generative, compassionate and hopeful collaboration in demanding situations.

Who is this course for?

This training is for people in quest for life, livelihood and a fulfilling future, with fresh agency for creative inter-relationships.


The sessions run 19:00 – 21:00 (BST) every week over a period of six weeks:

6 April – Module 1: Introduction & Beginning

13 April – Module 2: Voices of Vision & Realism

20 April – Module 3: Voices of Adventure & Purpose

27 April – Module 4: Voices of Wisdom & Opportunity

4 May – Module 5: Voices of Commitment & Integrity

11 May – Module 6: Reflection & Review

The course sessions are each made up from the following components:

  • A live participative session by David Adams via Zoom
  • Learning materials between sessions
  • An asynchronous chat forum (hosted on Slack) for course members to share and discuss

The number of participants is limited to 24 so that such interaction is possible and so is different from a usual webinar or course lecture. The interaction includes elements of visual facilitation and continuous visual presence for participation in discussions.

The recording of the Zoom session as well as the slides shared during the session will be shared with participants after each module.

Technical details:

This course is hosted on Zoom, and the session will be recorded. We recommend participating with a high resolution screen so you can view it when the host shares his screen. Course participation by mobile phone is not recommended.

About the tutor:

The course is led by David Adams, an H3Uni founding Trustee, charity chair, former consultant, organisation strategist, executive coach and open space facilitator. He is trained in indigenous wisdom teachings of North America, and convenes groups for dialogue.