These courses are especially relevant for people engaged in transformation projects who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in tackling complex challenges in situations with significant uncertainty.

Participants are expected to bring aspects of their current work to practice on, both in the sessions and between the sessions in their own projects.

The online courses are convened in groups of up to 20 people and unlike webinars are conducted interactively with exercises and discussion.

Schumacher College, Nov. 20-24, 2017

Strategy For Transformative Futures

Online – Fall 2017

The Art Of Creative Thinking

Online – Dates TBD

The Theory & Practice Of Visual Facilitation

Online – Date TBD

Strategy For Transformative Futures

Online Course – Fall 2017 (Dates TBD)

Three 2 hour sessions, each about a month apart, with two interim exercises in application. All sessions are required. The themes are:

  1. Seeing the Future in Three Horizons
  • Seeing the future in the present
  • The three horizons framework
  • Anticipation, Innovation, transformation
  1. Resolving Transformational Dilemmas
  • Tensions and conflicts between horizons
  • Diagnosing dilemmas
  • Generating dilemma resolution ideas
  1. Crafting Innovative Strategies
  • Defining strategy and tactics
  • Linking vision, ethos and action
  • Adaptive planning

The Art Of Creative Thinking

Online – Fall 2017 – Winter 2018

Six 2 hour sessions, a week apart, with brief practice exercises between sessions. All sessions are required.

  1. Discovering Your Creative Mind
    Guided reflection to discover how your mind is actually four minds that play different roles and how to harness them in a new way
  2. Generative Thinking
    A technique to increase your power to generate innovative ideas by using the capacity of the mind to synthesize possibilities beyond logic and open new avenues
  3. Thinking Beyond Prejudice
    A powerful technique to get beyond the polarized judgements (good/bad, right/wrong; true/false) of the ‘post-truth’ era and get more clarity from a deeper method of understanding
  4. Futures Thinking in Three Horizons
    A way of confronting the world of worrying trends and uncertainties by taking three distinct viewpoints on the future and seeing how, together, they can help you create new futures
  5. Dilemma Thinking
    Faced with conflict or impossible choices this technique will help avoid the four major traps that dilemmas create in our mind and find the fifth way out of the traps and into creative resolution
  6. From Thinking in Lines to Thinking in Circles
    Become aware of the trap we are in when we are dominated by linear thinking and learn simple ways to also see the circular and spiral nature of the world to help you gain new insights

The Theory & Practice Of Visual Facilitation

Online – Date TBD

Six two and a half hour sessions, each a month apart with practice exercises between sessions. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn and initiate the practice of visual facilitation as developed by the founders of H3Uni. All sessions are required. Limited to 12 people.

  1. The Fivefold Practice of Visual Facilitation
  2. The Underlying Psychology
  3. Matching Needs and Methods
  4. Designing Facilitated Workshops
  5. The Art of Guiding Groups
  6. Developing Resilience and Confidence


Three Horizons: A Pathways Practice for Sustainability and Transformative Innovation

In Person: Schumacher College, Nov. 20-24, 2017

This course is for people who are concerned with enabling transformative change for sustainability, whatever type of organizational role they are in – businesses, community, governments, NGOs, professions, or social enterprise. It is about how we can improve the way we face the complexity and uncertainty of the future and come together to create pathways of change. It is both for those who hold a vision of the future, and those who keep things going today, who want to work together for long term flourishing of all humans on the planet.  Read more…

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