Welcome to H3Uni

A University for the Third Horizon

Navigation is an Art.

“To recognize and understand the problems of the world, we need a reform in thinking. It is the fundamental question for education.”

Edgar Morin, UNESCO, Seven complex lessons in education for the future

Join the Adventure…

H3Uni is an educational enterprise dedicated to transformational learning that empowers people to foster transformative innovation in their communities and organisations.

Our big vision is a global network of learning leaders working for a viable and fulfilling future for subsequent generations in contrast to the prevailing trends.

Realising this vision requires a fearless adventure into learning how to collaborate ethically and creatively so that together we can build beacons of hope, thoughtful action and reconciliation throughout society.

Our aim is to co-create an educational network where all members are learners dedicated to increasing their knowledge and skill in leading participatory processes that accelerate the thoughtful deep system changes needed for a transformed global humanity. That is the curriculum in essence.

To navigate the complexity of transformation from a 1st Horizon to a 3rd Horizon through a turbulent 2nd Horizon in a way that leaves everyone feeling more hopeful and empowered, is as much an art and craft as it is knowledge.

Three Horizons

Three Horizons is a simple and intuitive tool for thinking about the future. It helps groups explore systemic patterns to identify which of the dominant patterns are no longer fit for purpose how the emerging trends can shape the future, and what visionary action is needed to collectively move us towards a viable future.

World Game

The IFF World Game offers an easy, interactive way for groups to look at complex challenges that includes both the depth and the breadth necessary to understand interactions across a system.

Wheel of Wisdom

The Wheel of Wisdom holds eight archetypal Roles of Leadership that awaken, energise and support collective and personal learning-in-action. With their reflective insights, people can find intelligence, humanity and power in their differences, form coherent choices, and make decisions together in resonance with their deepest values and heartfelt purpose.

“We are entering a crucial time in our history. In coming decades we’ll come upon one critical junction after another in rapid succession. The choices we make and the paths we choose at each junction will be irreversible. The stakes are as high as they can get.”


Thomas Homer-Dixon

“Ultimately, when we talk about sustainability from a whole systems design perspective, what we are trying to sustain is not just the future of the human species but also the pattern of ecologically interdependencies and planetary health upon which the fate of our own and so many other species depends.”

Daniel Wahl

“Future generations, if there is a liveable world for them, will look back at the epochal transition we are making to a life-sustaining society. And they may well call this the time of the Great Turning.”

Joanna Macey

“The only effective action is that which touches the minds and not the material natures of men.”


“New thinking starts with greater insight into the transformation that ushers in a new world in place of the old. But for new thinking to be effective, we should have some idea of what it involves. Just what kind of a process is the birthing of a new world?”

Erwin Laszlo

“Changing the way we think means continually shifting our point of orientation. We must make time to look inward: to be, aware of, and study, the tacit “truth” that we take for granted, the ways we create knowledge and make meaning in our lives, and the aspirations and expectations that govern what we choose from life.”

Peter Senge et al