Transformations 2017

Three Horizons Map from Transformations 2017

From August 30th to September 1st, 2017, 350 thought leaders from around the world met in Dundee, Scotland to collectively explore what is needed to live within the reality of One Planet’s resources.

The interactive map below is the collective output reflecting the synthesis of each participant’s input as they contributed their ideas in 10 smaller parallel sessions.

Click on a box in the diagram to see which ideas formed the basis for that category.

See below for more on the process.


Presentation of Map

Less than 24 hours after the groups created 10 maps synthesizing their small group conversations, the synthesis of the conference’s findings were shared back to the whole group as a provocation.

See below for what you can do to build on this collective effort.

VIDEO of Ian and Tony giving the presentation 


Cartoon Content


To learn more about the process, explore the links below.

See the video that shows the work that was done behind the scenes.

Learn more about Three Horizons.

Links to Courses, Resource Library…?

Build on this Map

This map is a provocation for further work. Join the exploration of how to build on what was surfaced in Transformations 2017.

Have something you want to add? Join the discussion on H3Uni’s community. 

This was a lot of information to make sense of in a short time, see what Bill Sharpe had to say.