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H3Uni’s core practices are designed to help groups think together in ways they might not be used to. Learning how to use visual icons mixed with language within group processes is essential to getting the most out of the practices.

Visual Facilitation

Help groups achieve higher than usual performance in their shared thinking and decision-making.

H3Uni Core Practices

These practices offer proven approaches to complex, messy challenges.


Start by agreeing an overall scope of the issue.

Hexagon Clustering

Find relationships between ideas contributed from across the group quickly and flexibly.

Three Horizons

Understand different perspectives about the future and map what needs to be done today.

Dilemma Resolution

Navigate when facing seemingly conflicting values.

Underpinning Thinking

These tools and techniques support new ways of thinking. They can be used alone or in combination with H3Uni’s core practices.


Access the power of your perception.

Holism with Focus

Understand patterns by working with structures and flows.

Ecosystem Thinking

Map the community that interacts.

Concept Mapping

Understand patterns of connection.

Causal Loops

Understand feedback loops.

Value Constellations

Map the value creation within a system.

Generative Thinking

Generate fresh ideas.

Lateral Thinking

Break out of restrictive mental patterns.

Evaluative Thinking

Move beyond ‘good vs. bad’ thinking.