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Here are tools for co-creating the solutions to the challenges we face for sustainability, for transformation and for regeneration and also for speeding up the design of new ways of living that are urgently needed. Whatever your interest in transformation and your particular field of operation, this Resource Library is relevant to increasing your effectiveness and that of those with whom you work closely to transcend limitations and release untapped potential.


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Why do we need a different approach to Education?

Educational systems are ill-prepared for the open and transformative future.

Education is traditionally based on the transmission and application of existing knowledge within which there is expertise and authority. In the face of an unknown and uncertain future, the relevance of expertise based on the past is limited to those aspects of life which repeat themselves.

But the future holds emergent properties that are inherently unknown. The two major sources of this unknown are firstly, that complex systems inherently generate previously unknown properties, and secondly, that both man and nature exercise creative power that generates the new.

Expert knowledge on its own is insufficient in the face of the unknown. The question is: what is the form of knowledge that can apply in these new conditions? Essentially, we need to switch from emphasis on content knowledge to emphasis on process knowledge.

Process knowledge here means ways of structuring the exploration of partially known uncertain situations so as to realise new possibilities. This is a different type of knowledge to content knowledge, although it includes the capacity to operate with content knowledge. Process knowledge is essentially practice; it involves creating the conditions for groups to work together to harness their creative capacities to the full, so they can take steps forward while remaining open to the emerging future.