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Decision Coordination in Ambiguous Situations

In running our society at all levels we have a history departmentalisation, dividing into different functions and of administering these as separate compartments. However, the real world is deeply interconnected so that even clear decisions in one area have unintended negative consequences in other areas. We lack the decision support tools and coordination skills to take balanced integral decisions.


Third Horizon Education

Anthony shares ideas and principles for the kind of education that could release creative capacity to deal with the unknown and cultivate the integrity that acknowledges the human spirit and the living planet as one whole system. We are needing expanded inner and outer awareness, new thinking tools for co-creation and new patterns of cooperation. Where will these new capabilities come from?


The Wheel of Wisdom

H3Uni invites you to bring your appetite for learning and discovery to learn about the eight archetypal voices – Roles of Leadership - of the Wheel. Insights that have for centuries given agency to humans for living well and productively with our Earth, as well as with one another.


Exploring Qualitative Systems

Online (Zoom)

Why we need to shift from knowing to understanding - and how to do it.


Pattern Dynamics: Systems thinking for Three Horizons

Online (Zoom)

To bring about the changes we need in the world it is now widely recognised that we need to bring a systemic understanding to bear - a way of looking at the world that makes visible the dynamic interconnectedness of all things. However, much of the field of systems thinking does not connect with how people naturally encounter the world, and so fails to provide the support we need for transformative facilitation that engages people's full potential.


The future potential of the present moment: ReGeneration Rising!

Online (Zoom)

In this webinar Daniel will speak about his experience over the last 5 years seeing the interest in regenerative practice rise rapidly around the globe. He will recap some of the core insights that can be catalyzed through applying the different methodologies developed and shared by H3uni.