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Decision Coordination in Ambiguous Situations

In running our society at all levels we have a history departmentalisation, dividing into different functions and of administering these as separate compartments. However, the real world is deeply interconnected so that even clear decisions in one area have unintended negative consequences in other areas. We lack the decision support tools and coordination skills to take balanced integral decisions.


A Vision of Third Horizon Education

Is education preparing next generations for flourishing in a world of turbulence and increasing constraint? Is passing on the knowledge of generations to date sufficient for that preparation?


Collaborative Creativity for Repatterning How We Live

We are still dominated by the image of the populist hero who, given enough power, will solve everything. But is breaking down under the complex forces released by nature and summarised as the Anthropocene. Increasingly, people are noticing that we have a great deal of the knowledge, know-how and resources to transform the situation but the gap between knowing and doing compared to the scale of the challenge is massive. Why do we not implement what we now know?


The Power of Visualization Thinking

Perhaps one of the most dangerous thoughts we have is that we are thinking. For example we have sophisticated methods of analysis, professional expertise and copious production of words and data. And this is now globally stored and accessible. But there is a trap summed up by the satirical statement “I Google therefore I am”.