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Observation : “The ability to observe without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.” –Jiddu Krishnamurti


The Three Horizons

The future in the present, what is the Third Horizon?


Lighthouse Café – Citizenship

For the first café of 2021, please join us for an informal discussion of citizenship. What is it? How is it bestowed? What does it require? What is the character of a citizen?

Lighthouse Café : Commons

What are the commons and how can the commons self-organize? The tragedy of the commons indicates they cannot without ... "something else"

What is this "something else" ? Has it to do with rules, can it be imposed ? Or need it be enacted only by understanding. Does it need a contract ?

Commons in copyright, Commons for our shared air. There is a lot there that people have in common.

Lighthouse Café : Safety

What is safety? What is safe? How much safety is too much? Could this be an 80/20 paradigm? If so, in which direction ?

Lighthouse Café : HEART

From the heart ; the heart of enterprise ; a café for the poets, Come and join us to discuss what is too often left for later.

The Delta Project

H3Uni Lighthouse Café Planet Earth

H3Uni invites you to a Lighthouse Café Extra THE DELTA PROJECT presented by Cole Williams and Joel van Kuiken "How do you become something that you cannot see? " From this simple question, The Delta Project was born. The Delta Project exists to break the generational cycle of incarceration by reconnecting youth of color and […]

Variety and Requisite Variety

Can we dance around these ideas and make them come alive for us? Contemplating variety shows the very topic to be unlimited in depth. The third horizon proposes a new pattern, is the variety available in the first horizon the limiting factor for adopting a new pattern? Or what ?


A second foray into this infinite topic, consider it as theme ... and variation.  Development. Sign up coming soon


We are taking a 3rd look at this topic, and from a less intellectual standpoint : what does vareity feel like?  How might it contribute to spiritual or artistic aspirations?